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You’ll see it in the natural colours of your office entryway, the durable aisles underfoot at the grocery store, and the warm, inviting kitchen floor that’s been the stage for countless family celebrations.

That’s us. That’s Ecopluz.

Ecopluz begins with family. At home in Singapore, our founder was looking for a new floor for his family. Something that could resist the heat and humidity of Singapore. Something that could be installed quickly, without the risk of toxic adhesives harming his family. Something that wouldn’t contribute to excess waste and damage the ecosystem. Something timeless in style that welcomes guests to his home. Something his children could play on with the pets and for his grandparents to be comfortable and safe at home. 
But where was the solution in Singapore, the home of sustainability and wellbeing? 
It was time Singaporean families and businesses had the right solution. 

In order for Ecopluz to be good enough for his own family, a foundation of principles was a must to ensure an exceptional level of quality.


Our mission

We are here to inspire and nurture well-being in the spaces we live and work—one floor, one room, and one neighbourhood at a time.

Our vision

We want to contribute to the building of a more sustainable future for Singapore.

& Fairness

Ecopluz was founded in the need for an eco-friendly flooring alternative in Singapore. We focus on being fair to the environment and our customers so Singapore can grow in unity.

and efficiency

We strive to do it better, faster. Simplicity is one of our product and services best features. Through simplicity we can work efficiently and therefore effectively, for everyone's benefit.

innovation through timeless styles

A satisfying result is always encapsulated with a stunning floor. To make this happen we are very careful to ensure product finish is perfect and offer a wide range styles to match any concept.

Enhancing Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our customers and team members is our priority. That’s why we provide only safe and healthy products and installation methods.

Inspiration, advice and support

We want to make it easy for our clientele to fulfil their goals. We’ll accompany them through the process and help whenever they need. To inspire our customers to make their dream spaces a reality, and see the possibilities they can reach, is our goal.

Our values

Our mission & vision

How we do it


We’ve got an eye for design so whatever your style is, we can help you find a match made in heaven. Visit us to our Showroom or select from our online catalogue the design that best suit your taste and needs.

And as a little bonus, all our floors are made to last, that's why we focus on timeless design. 


We’ll bring the planks to your door and we’ll bring the team if you need help. With multiple teams at the ready, we can get it to you at a moment's notice.


Whether you prefer DIY or installation in an instant, Ecopluz can provide all you need to stand tall and stand firm

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